AEB DI60 Controller

A.E.B DI 60 is a controller dedicated to vehicles with 3- and 4-cylinder engines with direct fuel injection, in which fuel is injected under high pressure directly into the combustion chamber.

DI60 is the evolution of the AEB3000 control unit. It offers the ability to convert a wider range of vehicles and provides new tools to reduce fuel consumption and simplifies installation. DI60 is also characterized by an innovative design of the controller housing, with highly efficient thermal conductivity.

When working on gas, DI60 takes into account the gasoline injection time and pressure on the fuel rail to calculate the equivalent amount of gas injected into the intake manifold to reproduce the performance of the gasoline engine. By means of an OBD connection, the calibration software can be used to monitor several engine parameters and read out any errors in the engine control system. The DI60 is equipped with a diagnostic system on each gas component, whose status can be monitored by calibration software, during system installation and at any time during engine operation. This feature can prevent malfunctions and facilitates technical interventions. In addition, the calibration tool offers procedures that simplify installation and setup of the system.

By combining the DI60 sensor and PTMAP sensor, installation steps are simplified and costs are significantly reduced. DI60 is equipped with a new generation 60-PIN car connector, with a high degree of IP protection (6K9K) against water infiltration, and an easy lever system for connecting/disconnecting the harness. The harness is equipped with a connector locking system that prevents accidental disconnection from the controller.

  • Support for 3- and 4-cylinder engines
    with direct fuel injection
  • Power consumption with actuators off:
    Imax = 0.5A
  • Supply voltage: V = 10 ÷ 16 V
  • Degree of protection for electrical connections: IPX9k
  • OBD communication: ISO15765 on a CAN line; KWP2000 e ISO9141 on K-Line
  • LPG control unit type: AEB119B
  • Working temperature: -40 ÷ 110°C
  • Power consumption in standby mode:
    standby <5uA
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