Shark Timing Advance Processor by AEB


Programmable Timing Advanced Processor used to advance spark timing to increase the pickup that is lost during alternste fuel.

The variator is designed to optimize the combustion process of gas fuel in a gasoline engine equipped with a microprocessor - based fuel injection and ignition system. The burning time of gas (propane and especially methane) in the engine cylinder is longer than gasoline, therefore, the car when working on gas is increased by the variator so that the gas has time to burn in the cylinder.

The very ideology of working with Shark is to shift to the earlier side of the signals that inform the car about the angular position of the crankshaft.

A.E.B 516N SHARK is designed for installation on vehicles equipped with an inductive crankshaft position sensor. , there is support for the signals of two camshafts. It is used where it is not possible to use A.E.B 510N.

A.E.B Shark Timing Advance Processor is compatible with below CNG Kits but not limited to :

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