Automoto Sequential CNG Kit

Automoto Sequential System.

Automoto Sequential Kit is designed for 3- and 4-cylinder engines. Automoto Sequential System is a part of Motozen Fuel System Pvt Ltd.

The Automoto Sequential CNG Kits allows easy installation in almost any car model. It contains a set of Electronic and Reducing mounted in the engine compartment of the car and in the driver’s cabin. It is available with Double stage reducer, adapted to support all engines with indirect fuel injection

Automoto Sequential System is equipped with A.E.B MP32 ECU. Automoto and Motozen are importer of A.E.B Technology for Pan India

Automoto kit versions:

  • INDIVIDUAL – Double stage reducer w/ solenoid , rail injectors, Automoto Controller, Changeover Switch.
  • FRONT KITINDIVIDUAL KIT + gas hoses, hangers, adapter, water hoses, tees, hose clamps, refilling valve.
  • FULL KIT FRONT KIT + Tank + Tank Valve + Timing Advance Processor
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