LandiRenzo EVO Injector

Fast, modern and efficient LPG/CNG gas injectors.

Available in single-assembly version as well as combined in 2, 3 and 4-cylinder rails. The removable calibration nozzle enables smooth regulation of gas flow and injector efficiency (upto 35 HP per cylinder). A single slender injector can be mounted close to the gasoline injector on a hose with a minimum length, which increases the precision of gas supply.

Landi Renzo EVO was constructed and made in such a way that the impurities that are in the gas cannot stick and remain inside. The success of EVO Injector’s reliability lies in the details, including seals. The construction also uses modern fluoropolymer sliding coatings with non-stick and anti-freeze functions, which effectively protect pistons exposed to the harmful effects of low and high temperatures and increased friction.

Landi Renzo EVO injector rail combines the technical features of a high-end injector rail with outstanding resistance to the impurities in gas, so that use of a gas filter is not indispensable.The injectors are of one size, the different flow rate is determined by the installed nozzles; The growing number written on the metal nozzles and coloring of plastic nozzles indicate the vast scope of the injectors.

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