RAIL SrL IG1 Injector

The IG1 injection rail is the most sold item of RAIL Srl.

In the product range, it ranks between the Valtek type 30 and the flagship IG7 Dakota injector. IG1is same as traditional rail but faster, better design and a compact housing. Due to low resistance coil it results in shorter opening and closing times than in a normal injector rail.

  • Available in 2-3 or 4-cylinder versions
  • Removable calibration nozzles allow smooth regulation of gas flow and injector efficiency
    (from 20 to 50 HP per cylinder)
  • Compact housing
  • Materials with high magnetic permeability
    and high saturation induction
  • Seals made of specially designed fluorinated rubber compounds (FKM)
  • Standard AMP SuperSeal connector
  • Working temperature from -40 to 120°C
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