Motozen reducer

Motozen reducer completes the range of tested and approved reducers.

High quality CNG reducer (pressure regulator) designed for sequential gas injection systems of 4th generation with the engines power up to 265 kW (360 HP). All raw materials and components being used for the manufacture possess all the necessary quality certificates. Reducer’s high performance was achieved by the use of a gas regulator with increased flow. Flap (lever) mechanism of the pressure regulator ensures reliability and maintenance-freeReducer Motozen has got very high thermal efficiency because it is made of material with high thermal conductivity which guarantees stable gas temperature at high loads.

Reducer is equipped with an internal pressure relief valve which guarantees safety for both the engine and reducer. The evaporator has got plastic rotary water pipe elbow and standard inlet (O5) for a reducer temperature sensor. Motozen reducer has a integrated gas solenoid valve

  • Output pressure: 2 bar
  • Pressure adjustment range: 1,3 ÷ 1,9 bar
  • Engine power: <360 HP
  • Pressure regulation: SW4
  • Gas inlet port diameter: Ø8 mm
  • Gas outlet port diameter: Ø16 mm
  • Vacuum input: Ø5 mm

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