T.A SIGAS 3.8+ controller

SIGAS 3.8+ by T.A controller

A sequential fuel injection controller that supports 5, 6 and 8 cylinder engines. Has a built-in OBD module.

MTM electronics, well known and appreciated all over the world, tuned to the elements of T.A’s autogas parts: T.A PPA Reducer and Valtek T37 Injectors.

  • From 5 to 8 cylinders
  • Communication with OBD2 (ISO9141-2, KWP-2000 Fast Int, KWP-2000 Slow Int, CAN)
  • Autoadaptation on the basis of STFT and LTFT
  • Extended gas injection map (12×12)
  • Reading and emulation of Lambda
  • Valvetronic and Start/Stop systems handling
  • Extra injections of petrol
  • Start on gas with hot engine
  • Reading RPM signal from coil or petrol injectors
  • Switching to petrol on low gas temperature
  • Expanded diagnostics of components
  • Advanced autocalibration
  • Temperature sensor 2k, 4.7k or 10k
  • Integrated sensor of gas pressure, vacuum and temperature
  • Gas indicator autocalibration

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