TA SIGAS Light controller

TA SIGAS light is a sequential gas injection in the vapor phase for petrol engines with much more easy programming than traditional SIGAS 2.4+.

PCB used for the controller is same as SIGAS 2.4+ which enable same performance with easy calibration – the system can be adapted to all cars with top performance. The software> is based on simple function which is easy to learn and configure .

Advantages of TA Light:

  • Easy to understand
  • Fast Calibrations



  • Supports 3/4 cylinders engines
  • Connector number of pins: 32
  • Case type: plastic
  • Additional RPM corrections
  • Additional corrections of reducer temperature
  • Additional corrections of gas temperature
  • Additional corrections of gas pressure
  • Additional corrections of gas injectors opening
  • Oscilloscope to observe the parameters of the installation
  • Compatibility with standard engines
  • Compatibility with turbo engines
  • Compatibility with different types of gas injectors
  • Compatibility with different types of gas level sensors
  • The ability to determine the maximum engine load and RPM while while running on gas
  • “Quick start” function
  • Reminder of control tests of the gas installation
  • Full anti-circuit and anti-overloading protection
  • Semiconductor emulation
  • gas and petrol maps
  • Operating on LPG and CNG fuel
  • The ability to download the RPM signal from camshaft level sensor
  • The ability to download the RPM signal from crankshaft level sensor
  • The ability to download the RPM signal from injectors impulse
  • The ability of a permanent switch off particular gas injectors
  • The ability of emergency start on gas
  • Lambda probe service
  • Records of past errors
  • Quick switch off of the LPG/CNG installation
  • RPM decay time setting
  • Petrol secondary injection option
  • Signaling errors and status messages
  • Automatic detection of OBD reports
  • Controller with OBD
  • Monitoring of OBD parametres
  • Operating on reverse OBD correction
  • Editable ranges of gas injection time (table of injection time in rotation function)
  • The map of corrections depends on the collector pressure
  • Signalling running on petrol
  • Signalling a warm reducer
  • Erasing selected errors OBD2 / CAN
  • Adjustable injection detection level
  • Possibility to emulate 2 any voltage signals

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