T.A ST40 reducer

ST40 Reducer  Desinged by TA Gas Technology Argentina. 

TA ST-40 reducer has Three reduction stages, allowing an excellent flow of natural gas to engine, in every working condition.

The internal safety valve (PVR) due to over pressure, releases the gas in the feed circuit to prevent external leakages.

Gas/water heat interchanger balances temperature fall caused by expansion phase assuring the best performance, despite of climatic factors. The Minimum regulation device assures a better operation at low speed, in order to avoid unexpected engine stop.

TA brand is a guarantee of quality and efficiency of the device.

  • Integrated shut off electrovalve with voltage supply: 12 V
  • Output pressure: 2 bar
  • Pressure adjustment range: 1,3 ÷ 1,9 bar

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