T.A SIGAS Switch

Round switch for installation: SIGAS 2.4+ / SIGAS 3.8+ and SIGAS Light.

The new petrol / gas switch indicates the current mode of the car (type of current power supply: petrol / gas) and the gas level in the tank. Available in an external version and recessed in the dashboard.

The switchboard is equipped with SMD LEDs. It has a built-in buzzer for sound signaling. Works according to the parameters set in the SIGAS Calibration Tools/a> diagnostic program. Small housing dimensions and symmetrical shape will allow convenient and aesthetic assembly of the switchboard, even in hard-to-reach places.


  • Display of the current fuel type
  • Display of the current gas level in the tank
  • Selecting the type of current fuel supply
  • Informing about a change in fuel supply type and system errors
  • Adjusting the volume of sound signals and the backlight intensity
  • Emergency car start function on gas
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