TA Sequential CNG Kit

TA Gas Technology Sequential CNG Kit [Premium].

TA Gas Technology Sequential Kit is Euro VI / BS-VI Compliant kit. SIGAS 2.4+ is a multi-point sequential gas injection system, suitable for 4/6/8 Engine cylinders. It is made up of different components that are commanded by an Electronic Control Unit, its most notable characteristics are: - Ultra compact design - Small size switch key, with built-in buzzer. Adjustable indicator light brightness level. - Maintains the original performance of the vehicle running on gasoline, no restriction is placed on the air intake, such as mixers used in conversions from previous generations. - The gas is injected in the same way that the original control unit of the vehicle does, it uses an injector for each cylinder, located next to the intake valve. - The SIGAS unit reads the injection times calculated by the original control unit, applies the necessary corrections for the new fuel, CNG and activates the injectors. This makes the operation similar to that programmed by the manufacturer of the vehicle. - Definitively eliminates the risk of explosion, present in all systems of previous generations. This is especially important in plastic intake manifolds. - Prevents the original control unit from modifying its operating parameters during gas running, causing problems when returning to naphtha. - The SIGAS unit is programmed and monitored from a PC, it is also possible to carry out an operation log to verify its operation and detect any abnormality.

TA Gas Technology natural gas systems permit conversion of all types of vehicles, with sequential, direct and conventional fuel injection. Contact our workshop to find out which kind of installation is best for your vehicle.

TA Gas Technology is imported directly from Buenos Aires-Argentina By MLN Technology India.

TA Sequential CNG kit versions:

  • INDIVIDUAL – Double Stage reducer w/ HP solenoid, Valtek T37, SIGAS 2.4+ Controller, PT-MAP Sensor By MTM Italy, TA Round Switch.
  • FRONT KITINDIVIDUAL KIT + gas hoses, hangers, adapter, water hoses, tees, hose clamps, refilling valve.
  • FULL KIT FRONT KIT + Tank + Tank Valve + Timing Advance Processor
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