TA ST40 Conventional Full Kit

TA Gas Technology ST40 Conventional / Venturi Kit.

The reducer is designed for Autogas conventional injection systems with 110 HP Torque [Best Torque in any reducer ]. The reducer vaporizes the Natural Gas / CNG supplied to the cylinders. The TA ST40 Conventional reducer ensures continuous stable pressure while supplying the precise fuel dosage to the manifold.

CNG systems equipped with the TA ST40 Conventioal System work perfectly with the vehicle power transmission system, ensuring trouble-free operation for years. The reducer works perfectly regardless of CNG parameters, driving style or vehicle load.

TA ST40 Conventional kit contains a set of gas system components mounted in the engine compartment of the car and in the driver’s cabin. It is available with socket-socket connection's for easy installation's for Maruti Suzuki EECO

ST40 conventional kit versions:

  • FRONT KIT – Reducer, Accessories, switch, NDA, 4 cyl emulator.