Valtek Type 37 Injector

Injection rail with piston design, designed for automotive gas installations with sequential gas injection.

TA Type 37 is a economical VALTEK type injection rail, whose task is to provide the right dose of gas to the collector. Dedicated to engines with indirect injection, which do not require fast injectors. Occurs in engines for 2, 3 and 4 – cylinders. Removable calibration nozzles allow smooth adjustment of gas flow and injector efficiency (from 20 to 40 HP per cylinder). The rail is standard in the 3 Ohm version. They are also available in 1 and 2 Ohm versions.

Thanks to the simple and durable construction, it is characterized by high resistance to contaminated LPG/CNG gas. Easy maintenance and repairs as well as quiet operation are other advantages of this injection rail. Valtek T37 is the optimal solution for those looking for quality at a reasonable price

The kit includes:

  • injection rail
  • nozzles for the intake manifold
  • calibration nozzles for the strip
  • gas inlet connection
  • plug
  • handles for fixing the slat.
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